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EPA Region 8

PPCP Monitoring Around a POTW (2014/EPA)

Additional Handout - List of PPCPs

Program Audits Part 1 (2013/Garcia/195KB) and Part 2 (2560KB)

Program Enforcement (2013/Gieck/124KB)

Career Development

Red Rocks Programs, (2015/Spitzfaden)


Pumping Industry 101, (2014/Allstate Pumping)

Hazardous Wastes

Universal & E- Wastes, (2015/Stewart/CDPHE)


Nitrification Inhibition Case Study, (2014/Farmer)


Understanding QA/QC Jargon,(2015/Mimna)

Pharmaceutical Take Back Programs

Dealing with Colorado Household Medication Wastes (2012/CDPHE/903KB)


Data Quality for LL, Interjurisdictional Agreements & IU Permitting Challenge, (2014/CWACS)

Permitting, Public Participation and Pretreatment Program Liability (2013CWACS/538KB)

Pollution Prevention (P2)

Repurposed Materials (2013/Carson/2448KB)

Sector Control

Dental Industry

Amalgam Separators Part 1 (2012/Solmetex/1861KB) and Part 2 (1685KB)

Dental Amalgam Program Implementation (2012/Caldwell/966KB)

Dental Amalgam Rulemaking (2012/Gieck/Garcia/2490KB)

Health Care Industry

Pharmaceutical Wastes and Pretreatment Programs (2012/Gonzalez/2767KB)

MJ Grow Operations

Marijuana Grow Operation, (2014/ Colorado Harvest)


EPA Pretreatment Update, (2015/Garcia)

Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment (2013/Parham/680KB)

Using IU Waste to Optimize Wastewater Treatment (2015/Sigmon)